The Ins And Outs Of T-Bars, Clips And Hangers

Monday, 11/24/14

A drop ceiling, also known as a suspended or false ceiling, has significant advantages for both residential and business purposes. Drop ceilings provide moisture control, soundproofing, better acoustics, sag resistance, fire safety, energy efficiency and more. For those reasons, drop ceilings are found in virtually any building type.

T-bars make drop ceilings possible by providing a grid to support ceiling panels. When installed correctly, T-bars support numerous types of lights and fixtures. Read more about the various ways T-bars and accessories help to improve your ceiling below.

What Are T-Bars?

As the name suggests, T-bars are bars that come together in a T shape to support numerous ceiling panels. T-bars effectively hold an entire ceiling in place and allow for easy access above individual ceiling panels. Individual bars, as well as cross sections, can be paired with T-bar hardware and components to allow for better lighting throughout a room.

How Are T-Bars Used for Commercial Purposes?

T-bars are popular in commercial applications. They provide a sturdy structure for drop ceilings which allow businesses to reduce noise in lobbies and board rooms. The support of T-bars for drop ceilings also allow businesses to enjoy the benefits of better energy efficiency, fire safety as well as easy access to light fixtures and other suspended objects. T-bars are versatile when used with various T-bar accessories, such as the ones listed below.

What Useful Hardware Should Accompany a T-Bar?

With the right accessories and hardware, T-bars provide a reliable drop ceiling to meet your specific needs. Here are a few examples of useful T-bar hardware and accessories.

  • T-Bar Scissor Clips. T-bar scissor clips attach to a T-bar or drop ceiling T-rail with a hook that hangs directly beneath the clip. They attach by clamping on to the T-bar's cross section. This is ideal for attaching to suspended objects, such as projector screens. Our T-bar scissor clip is used for mounting fixtures or boxes to a 1" T-bar with an ultimate static load limit of 100 pounds. It is important the hardware you select meets the load specifications of electrical code requirements.
  • Drop Wire Clips. To securely fasten a drop wire clip to a T-bar, use a stud and wing nut washer. A drop wire clip attaches to a hanging light fixture beneath the drop ceiling. The clip prevents the fixture from swaying and damaging an electrical cord. The clip also reduces strain on the T-bar and the drop ceiling grid. This can be very useful for installing lighting in a large room with a drop ceiling.
  • Hanging Brackets. A T-bar hanging bracket, sometimes referred to as a mounting bracket attaches to the bottom of a T-bar with a downward pointing arm . This allows for chain suspension. Hanging brackets are commonly used to attach a box to a T-bar drop ceiling grid. When installed properly, hanging brackets are very secure.

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