Minerallac Company is a fourth-generation, family-owned American manufacturer and master distributor that has been serving the electrical construction market for 125 years.

Since its founding in 1894, the company has made it a mission to deliver quality products with outstanding service.

All seven brands--Cully™, Minerallac Traditional®, Black Claw™, Minerallac Strut Fittings™, Minerallac Stainless Steel™, Impact Staples® and Redmore®—possess the same high quality and service standards. What’s more, the consolidation of the company's brands under one corporate umbrella allows it to offer a comprehensive package of electrical hardware and fasteners for distributor partners.

Come to Minerallac for hangers, spring steel fasteners, anchors as well as fasteners and bolts manufactured by the highest-quality fasteners manufacturers and bolt manufacturers in the industry. The company's extensive catalog demonstrates a wide breadth of products. Minerallac's passion for quality service demonstrates quick and economical delivery for a consistent customer service experience every time. Contact Minerallac today to learn more!

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