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Monday, 12/29/14

Different projects call for different types of anchors. EZ Ancors™, Green Plug Anchors and Hammer Drive, also known as (Zamac Nail-In), Anchors are

Monday, 12/15/14

Different applications and materials require different anchors. One type of anchor used for various job requirements is the Alligator® anchor.

Monday, 11/24/14

A drop ceiling, also known as a suspended or false ceiling, has significant advantages for both residential and business purposes.

Tuesday, 10/28/14

An acoustical ceiling can drastically reduce the harsh noise of a commercial space. In some cases, it’s simply a preference.

Friday, 09/26/14

One-hole straps are versatile hardware pieces.

Monday, 09/22/14

If you have ever had a hand in the electrical industry, then I'm sure you have an appreciation for “self-drilling” screws, also known as Tek screws

Monday, 03/24/14

An Inside View Into Minerallac Company's New Website Tools and Features.