Minerallac's distributor partners need more than great products; they need products delivered with outstanding service to maximize their service to the electrical contractor. This is why you need Minerallac. We are committed to providing customers with an incredibly comprehensive product line as well as the best service possible.

That is why we created the Minerallac Advantage…

Minerallac's goal of a 98% fill rate to ship within 24 hours with 0 errors is set to maximize the efficiencies of its distributor partners.

As a demonstration of this commitment to customer service, Minerallac offers unparalleled delivery speeds.

When you partner with Minerallac, expect the following from the company's dedicated team:

  • Extensive product offering of top-quality products
  • Effective and efficient packaging
  • Service that maximizes economic efficiencies
  • Large array of American made products

When you want customer service and products that meet your needs, Minerallac is the company to trust. Since its founding in 1894, the company has built relationships that strengthen its ability to address your needs in specific, tangible ways. The company would love to put its products and team to work for you.


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