Monday, 03/24/14

An Inside View Into Minerallac Company's New Website Tools and Features.

Get your computer mouse ready! After a lot of internal and external anticipation, our website has come alive.

Today, time is valuable. The internet has become a primary source for news and information. With that in mind, it was time to enhance our website to better meet the needs of our customers. Join me as we travel back to discover the evolution of the website's exciting new tools and features.

Power of the Brain

It's important to know as much information about an item as possible which is why we are striving to educate our users with certain training materials. These materials are found in our literature and video gallery sections.

Collecting this information involved working closely with our vendors, evaluating our archive of material and selecting the pieces to incorporate. After gathering and uploading all files, it was time to move to the next step in bringing the website features to life.

Creation of an Entity

We analyzed the type of information our distributor partners request from us on a regular basis and concluded product safety and attribute information was ranked high on the list.

Through time intensive product research and vendor communication, we collected and enhanced the Material Safety Data Sheets and Product Specification Sheets. We found the best way to firsthand distribute this information was to place it on our website. These pages can be found in the resource section on each product specific page.

Build a Body

Finally, we wanted to make the website an interactive tool with features designed to engage users. As you will see on our home page, the featured product section highlights our product of the month. Information gathered for this section may highlight new products, seasonal products, new product lines, etc. Be sure to check in month after month to see which item(s) we have featured this time around.

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We are thrilled to launch our new site. We will continue to develop and nurture our website to ensure the best possible experience as it populates PCs, laptops, tablets and cell phones throughout the world. I know there has been much anticipation so go ahead, take a look around. See what you discover.