The Ins And Outs Of Acoustical Hardware

Tuesday, 10/28/14

An acoustical ceiling can drastically reduce the harsh noise of a commercial space. In some cases, it’s simply a preference. In others, it's a downright necessity for doing business, conducting meetings or projecting sound. Learn more about acoustical hardware including applications and Minerallac's various options below.

What Is Acoustical Hardware?

Acoustical hardware is used to create an acoustical ceiling panel for better sound control. Proper installation can result in significant reduction in reverberations. Acoustical hardware helps to absorb and diffuse different sounds so the sound don’t reverberate and echo throughout the room. In many cases, this is accomplished by an acoustical ceiling panel — also known as a drop ceiling, false ceiling or suspended ceiling.

Business Applications

Acoustical ceilings are very common for commercial spaces. Meeting rooms, for example, may be equipped with acoustical hardware to reduce background noise and distractions from various movement and sound reverberations.

Acoustical hardware is also used in commercial hallways, lobbies and front entrances to make any room more hospitable and comfortable.

Reasons to Use Acoustical Hardware

Acoustical hardware is necessary if sound absorption is a priority for your project. Projects often call for acoustical ceilings to improve sound quality, such as conference spaces where people speak to large groups. It improves speech intelligibility and reduces noisy reverberations that result from sounds such as applause. Acoustical hardware also makes it possible to design a room better equipped for playing audio and music.

What Does Minerallac Carry?

Minerallac carries acoustical hardware needed to install acoustical ceiling panels. Minerallac carries a wide range of hardware for virtually any application and acoustical hardware is no exception. From T-bar clips to tie wires, Minerallac has you covered for all your acoustical needs.

  • Conduit: Minerallac carries T-bar fasteners for conduit support. These fasteners are durable and cost effective.

  • Electrical Box: Minerallac carries T-bar fasteners for electrical box support.

  • Lighting: Minerallac's selection of T-bar hardware for lighting fixtures are made to meet specific application needs. These products are safe, reliable and cost effective.

  • T-Bar: T-bars are essential when it comes to creating an acoustical ceiling. T-bars are designed to fit one component into another perpendicularly. Minerallac provides T-bar hangers, T-bar scissor clips and T-bar fasteners.

  • Tie Wire: Minerallac's selection of tie wires is made to support acoustical ceilings effectively and efficiently. Minerallac offers 16-gauge, black annealed tie wire as well as 12-gauge, galvanized tie wire.

When it comes to acoustical ceilings, the experts at Minerallac are more than happy to help you make the right hardware selection. Contact us today to learn more about your options.