Choosing The Right Anchor For The Job

Monday, 12/29/14

Different projects call for different types of anchors. EZ Ancors™, Green Plug Anchors and Hammer Drive, also known as (Zamac Nail-In), Anchors are highlighted below.

EZ Ancors™

EZ Ancors are the most popular type of self-drilling anchors used to secure objects to drywall or sheetrock.

  • Benefits: EZ Ancors provide high pull out and sheer strength for heavy weighted objects. They are quick and easy to install which saves a significant amount of time and cost. No pre-drilling is required during use. Install the screw directly in the anchor to fasten through the material and complete installation.
  • Applications: EZ Ancors are light to medium-duty drywall anchors commonly used to hang thermostats and devices. They are also used for many DIY projects such as hanging shelving, pictures and mirrors. Although EZ Ancors increase a wall’s capacity to hold weight, it is important to read about EZ Ancors weight limitations before use. Weight limits vary based on the material and size of the anchor. Using the proper size screw with the anchor is critical as well. Minerallac's kits include both anchors and screws to provide the correct combination for proper installation.

Plastic and Nylon Anchors

Plastic and Nylon Anchors are used for light-duty applications. These anchors come in a variety of market driven colors, designs and sizes. Some areas of the country desire and use Yellow Winged Anchors, while other areas of the country desire and use cylindrical plug styles in orange and green or red and blue conical types.

  • Benefits: Some Plastic Anchors such as the Green Anchor and Plug Anchor contain ribs on the outside of the anchor to prevent it from twisting and turning during installation. The sides of the Yellow Winged Anchor pop out when a screw is inserted in the anchor to provide additional support behind the material.
  • Applications: Plastic Anchors are primarily and most commonly used for light-duty applications. These anchors are best suited for plaster, brick, concrete and other masonry installations. When choosing the proper anchor for installations, it is important to keep in mind pull out and sheer ratings to ensure safe working loads.

Hammer Drive Anchors

Hammer Drive Anchors, also referred to as Nail-In Anchors, are a two-step nail drive anchor.  After drilling the proper size hole, first insert the anchor through the material. Next, tap the nail on the end of the anchor to expand the anchor and complete installation. 

  • Benefits: Hammer Drive Anchors are quick and easy to install. They require no layout or spot holding. The anchors are also somewhat corrosion resistant.
  • Applications: Hammer Drive Anchors are made for light and medium-duty applications. These anchors are best suited for fastening electrical boxes and panels to cinder block, solid concrete and brick applications. Hammer Drive Anchors are not recommended for vibrating loads or overhead installations.

Minerallac's expert staff members are available to find the appropriate anchor for your job requirements. Contact Minerallac Company today.