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Step Drills

Minerallac provides self-drilling step drills, which require no pre-punching of a hole. These high speed steel drills drill through 10-gauge mild steel or stainless steel as well as metal studs, junction boxes and fixtures. Click below to learn more about these products.

Part Number: 86708

(851-0500A) 1/8-1/2 STEP DRIL

Part Number: 86712

(851-0750) 1/4-3/4 STEP DRILL

Part Number: 86714

(851-0875) 3/16-7/8 STEP DRIL

Part Number: 86718

(851-1125) 7/16-1-1/8 STEP DR

Part Number: 86722

(851-1375) 3/4-1-3/8 STEP DRI

Part Number: 86724

(851-1500) 1/4-1-1/2 STEP DRIL