Non-Insulated Service Entrance Staples

Minerallc provides non-insulated service entrance staples as part of its staple product line. Click below to learn more about these U.S.A. manufactured staples.

Part Number: I13A

S.E.U. 6/3 CBL STPL (100/BOX)

Part Number: I15A

S.E.U. 2/3 CBL STPL (100/BOX)

Part Number: ISE13A

6/3 S.E. STPL (100/BOX)

Part Number: ISE14A

4/3 S.E.R. ***USE ISE14ZA***

Part Number: ISE18U

2/0 S.E. 1 STAPLE (50/BOX)

Part Number: ISE22U

2/3 BX, 2/3 SER STPL (50/BOX)

Part Number: ISE23U

4/0 S.E. STAPLE (50/BOX)