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Strut Fittings

Why Choose Minerallac Strut Fittings?

There are many strut fitting providers you can choose from, why choose Minerallac? Minerallac brings the quality, service, and speed you count on to strut fittings and accessories.

Minerallac’s full line of strut fittings and accessories are made in the U.S.A.* and are manufactured using strict quality control standards to ensure the highest quality product possible. Robotic welds create strong, solid seals that hold up to high loads. Minerallac Strut Fittings and Accessories are tested for pull out and slip, giving you the peace of mind that your components can be trusted to perform. You can be sure when you order Minerallac Strut Fittings and Accessories that you are getting a high quality, domestically manufactured product at a competitive price.

Beyond a quality product, Minerallac Strut Fittings and Accessories are backed by Minerallac’s exceptional service and support.

The Minerallac Advantage represents our commitment to service excellence with the goal of a 98% fill rate within 24 hours with ZERO errors. This commitment combined with the convenience of including an additional line item on 1 purchase order and low minimums for free freight create an unrivaled value.